Paper Bag Album
I'll teach this class at our November Meeting. Scroll below photos to see supply list.

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3 small paper bags

3 - 3/8" or 1/4" eyelets (long shank if possible)

3-5 sheets of coordinating decorative paper

3-5 sheets of coordinating cardstock

ribbon scraps, 3+ styles

Misc. embellishments (flowers, charms, etc).

paper cutter


1/8" hole punch

Japanese screw punch w/ largest hole bit

-or- anywhere hole punch, large bit

-or- 1/4" hole punch

Stapler (optional)

eyelet setter tool

Ink (optional)





I'll have extra paper bags and a handful of 1/4" eyelets if you don't have any.

Ribbon and embellishments can be added at home if you don't know what to bring.



I'll bring my eyelet setter and stapler to share.